Sharon Arnoldi is a family photographer specializing in families with small kids  


Late Season Skiing!

Joined some friends for some skiing this past weekend at Breckenridge.... yes I did ski down some blue/blacks with my digital SLR. I got some strange looks doing it too, but I got some great pictures.

James in the snow!

James, my fiance, standing in the snow at my apartment complex. Moving from Texas to Colorado during the middle of the winter wasn't my favorite idea, but now I love the snow and I couldn't imagine not having it...

This is the road I drive on everyday to get to work... it's a great view!

Portraits & One of the Twins

This is one of my co-workers, Brian, and a superb real estate agent. He will be helping me find a house to buy in the near future.

I brought my portable studio lights over to his house and we took these pictures in his basement.

I even had enough time to sneak in some photos of his son, Ashton. (seen below)

Ashton is so cute and I had a blast taking these photos. I can't wait to take pictures of his twin sister.