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Well.... its snowy again! HAHA guess I jinxed the spring with a too early celebration.

Spring is HERE!

Spring is here and what a beautiful day it is today! I wish I didn't have to spend all day developing prints in the darkroom! Oh well maybe I'll push myself to finish early?

B&W Photogram


This quarter I'm taking a 4x5 Large Format Film, Lighting & Darkroom classes. Here is my first print from my darkroom class it is a "Photogram" and it is created by placing objects directly onto print paper and exposing the "image" or "scene" to light. Then we develop the print ourselves using darkroom chemistry.

Easter Eggs!

James and I colored eggs today... well it was more me than him. He's too busy playing computer games =/ to really get into it. I think they turned out nice.

The Park

I ran into Andrew and his mom at the park today, she allowed me to take a couple pics and post them here. I had about 2 min to snap a couple shots before he lost interest. So cute, and such blue eyes!

Another Jeep Photo

Hehe, I love this shot! It's just fun.

Trail in HR

Jeep_DirtRoad_1, originally uploaded by sharonsphoto.com.

While wondering around Highlands Ranch I came across this neat dirt road that led up to a park.