Sharon Arnoldi is a family photographer specializing in families with small kids  


Somewhere Down in Texas

My first quarter of photo class is finished and I finally have time to work on my own projects. Here's one from my Texas series (photos taken over Christmas Break) I want them to have a kind of old feel and I think I hit it right on the spot with this one.


Its still snowing right now, a very big change from 60-70 degree weather. It took me 2 hrs to drive 10 miles -- along with James rescuing me b/c the car got stuck in the snow -- but we both made it back to the apartment with both of the cars. Now we are just enjoying the pretty snow and drinking hot chocolate! The snow is expected to continue throughout the evening and into Friday morning. Here's a photo of how deep the snow is here, HAHAHA poor Einstein and Tesla they can't really play in this snow too well!

Dreams 1

Bridge Leading Lines, originally uploaded by sharonsphoto.com.

This photo is the first of my series on "dreams" it is the first of the sequence and it is meant to depict my dream of ending my engineering career.

Riesel, TX

Dreams? Not sure but cool photo YES!

My little TESLA!

Too cute to not post!

Nana's Funeral, March 9, 2009

Photos from my Nana's funeral
In memory of Bette Geyer "Nana"
March 1, 1927 - March 7, 2009

Cousin, James

Took these at my Nana's funeral on Monday.

Another brother photo


Oh Brother.


Wet Rose

Took this pic tonight and thought it was blog worthy!

The Apple of my Blog..

Another failed still life attempt. Mmmmm but it tasted good.

B&W Still LIfe

I have been assigned to take a still life, landscape, or portrait so here are my first outtakes for still life -- im not thrilled about them. I need a better idea.....

Blueberries & Cream

This was my best shot ... its hard to get the timing perfect when you are just dropping blueberries into a pool of cream so it took many, many, many tries to get it right. Below are some of the others.