Sharon Arnoldi is a family photographer specializing in families with small kids  


Shields Family Portrait At Red Rocks Park In Morrison, Colorado

On the day of the Shields family portrait session I woke up and thought that there must be a fire in the mountains because their was a thick haze covering the mountains.  I was really worried about the whole situation and as I drove from Highlands Ranch to Red Rocks I actively listened to the radio to figure out if something was going on.  When I got there the answer was "Fall Fog" and it really put my normally bright red rocks colors into a bit of a haze.

This was an original image from the shoot before any adjustments were made to the color:

This is an image in the same series after the reds were brightened to bring out the rock color

Denver Family Photographer - {Rice Family Session}

Have you ever chased around a 2 yr old trying to take their photo in a place full of exciting things? That is what this session was all about! But it was so much fun - we chased miss Eleanor up & down stairs, around and around back up and down the stairs - haha.  Eleanor was definitely the most active two year old I've photographed yet.  But by the end of the session she wanted me to carry her (probably all that running around) and offered to make me a burger once we found a kitchen! So cute!

Engagement Session in Downtown Denver {Bryan & Jakki}

For Jakki & Bryan's Engagement session we decided to shoot in downtown Denver starting off at the blue bear.  If you are from Denver you know where the blue bear is - its an icon of downtown and a bit of an odd one.  I've always wondered who came up with putting a large blue bear statue peeking into the convention center - or it would have been kind of funny to sit in the meeting where that was first proposed. 

I really can't wait until their wedding - they are so in love and so much fun to work with!

Handmade Pottery Gifts by Season's Pottery

Client Spotlight: Season Cowdrey - Season's Pottery

I've been photographing the Cowdrey family since April 2008 - when I went over to take some pictures of Brian for his real estate business cards.  I was able to sneak a couple pics of his son Ashton but Ayla was out with mommy (old post here).  Brian ended up selling us the house we are living in now in May 2009.  I was lucky enough to shoot their twins both last year and this year.  They are so much fun too! (2010 blog post).

This year Season bought a kiln and started making some amazing pottery! She's started a facebook business page showing off her amazing creations and will soon start an Etsy business. When she posted these little cute mitten ornaments on Facebook I just had to get some. Here is a link to her facebook business page where you can pick up something for yourself.  Along with her goodies shown here she can make you just about anything custom.  Oh and she can make you or your little one a custom tea set - amazing.

"I make pottery. I love to create, to dream, to make things that make you feel at home, things that you love to use, to hold, to touch, to keep and pass on to your children. The everyday, ordinary objects that take you back to your childhood, or better yet will make the memories for your child's!" - Quoted on Season's Pottery Facebook Page

I am a firm believer in following your dreams and doing things you love!

Our 2010 Thanksgiving

A little late but I still wanted to share these images I took of our Thanksgiving this year.  James' mom came up from Houston to cook us Thanksgiving.  James was super sick the whole time but still managed to eat one small sliver of turkey, world famous stuffing, and a piece of cherry pie.  The pie didn't make it long enough to get photographed. 

Of course I couldn't resist a photo of two very happy doggies - waiting on their Thanksgiving turkey. Yes - they did get a tiny piece each.