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Carrie: VanGunst Wedding Photos

Carrie getting ready.

VanGunst Details

I promised to upload a picture from Jon & Carrie's wedding {September 25, 2009 | Genesee, CO} So here are two detail shots of Jon getting ready. I love the black & white here. The photo links to Carrie & Jon's wedding website, currently showing off their engagements.


Holbrook Wedding {Slideshow}

Brandy & Bryon Married September 12, 2009
Breckenridge, CO @ Sapphire Point

Choose: The slideshow

Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake, originally uploaded by sharonsphoto.com.

I used my small interior skills for this shot, I actually used a flash on just the cake you can tell because it adds a slight blue color to it... making the room look really warm. I love it!

The Aspens

The Aspens, originally uploaded by sharonsphoto.com.

James took me to Rocky Mountain National Park yesterday in celebration of my birthday

Shaylea: The Niece

I absolutely adore kids and believe I have a natural talent for shooting them:

Here's a photo of Shaylea sitting on the bench just before leaving for the ceremony.

Jackson from the Post/Holbrook Wedding

JACKSON: The nephew of the bride and groom was absolutely ADORABLE and I have some stunning photographs of him, in fact stunning photographs of all the niece's and nephew's.

My first Wordle!!!

This is made using the words posted to this blog!

How neat =)

The more frequent words appear larger than the less frequent words:

Wordle: Sharonsphoto's Blog
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I want to be better at food photography so I thought I'd start with something pretty simple. It definitely needs improvement but I think its a good start.

Acura TL Product Shot

So I'm taking this location photography class and one of the assignments is a large product. So here's the car on it's offroad adventure... too bad I don't have the 2009 TL with AWD we could have gotten a little more excitement. Looks like I need to take a second look at the color balance these look a little orange.

Links to Carrie & Jon's Engagements

I've posted more of Carrie & Jon's engagements here:


I will be using this site to link to their wedding slideshow, so check it after September 25th. I will post another link to it once they are done!

Star Trails

My very first picture of star trails -- guess the earth really is moving! This was about a 3 minute exposure out in the San Luis Valley (Alamosa, CO area) I love it, but there are many things to improve on.