Sharon Arnoldi is a family photographer specializing in families with small kids  



Lila, originally uploaded by sharonsphoto.com.

Lila from yesterday's shoot with Clara, Nora & Lila


Sophie, originally uploaded by sharonsphoto.com.

Sophie from one of my photoshoots in Texas last week! The last time I saw Sophie she was just a little baby, Look how big and beautiful she is now!

Bridals - Kristin Reed

This past week I've been out of town in Texas. I did April's bridals and a Bridal Shoot with Kristin Reed, model. Since I can't share April's Bridals until May 23rd (THEY ARE FABULOUS) I'll share Kristin's since she's not actually getting married. She was a joy to work with and I got some great photographs. You can't really take any bad pictures when you work with someone that pretty.