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Highlands Ranch Photographer | Highlands Ranch Maternity Photo | Mama to be

Sweet mama-to-be Sarah at one of my favorite spots - Fly'n B Park in Highlands Ranch.  And she rocked my brand new maternity gown which I surprised her with at the end of her session.  I just ordered a few more color options & styles too. I can't wait for some warmer sessions to show them all off.

Highlands Ranch Photographer | Highlands Ranch Maternity Photo | Maternity in the Rocks

Quick sneak peek of a beautiful maternity session... what you don't see in these photos is that it was really cold and I brought my sweet little one to the shoot.  She was my cheerleader and wasn't super happy about the whole situation but she's a trooper and the photos turned out fabulous.  I just love, love the photos at the top with the front range in the background and what you don't see is that I was multitasking I had her screaming at me in one arm and used one hand to shoot - mommy talent.

Any who enough about that.... Isn't this mama to be just stunning? she rocked the session and I can't wait to photograph the sweet little one on the way!

Highlands Ranch Photographer | Black & White Images

I just wanted to take a moment to chat about black and white images... I love black and white and there are definitely some images that look gorgeous in black and white and I have noticed a lot of my clients opt for the color digital versions of certain images even though the black & white is prettier for some of the images.  A few have told me that if they want it in black and white then they can just do that themselves and I just wanted to show that I definitely don't just push a button to make the image black and white, everything is hand toned.

So first.... a SOOC (straight out of the camera) I try to make everything as perfect as possible so that I spend less time on the computer editing.  Each week I am editing and working on 4-5 sessions and the closer to perfect the less time it takes me to turn them around.

SOOC (Straight Out Of The Camera)


So as you can see this image didn't need a lot :)

Black & White Hand Toned

Black & White "Button Push"

I do have my web proofing software setup to "preview" black and white... but that is only to save me time so I don't have to hand tone each image for you to just see... If you are to order and image with a black and white preview I will then hand tone it before I send it off to the lab for printing or before you receive the full resolution digital file.  I do however hand-tone the ones that I think should be in black and white and put them in your gallery.  

So which would you rather have? 

Highlands Ranch Photographer | Facebook Timeline Freebies

In the spirit of Valentines Day I wanted to send all my clients something sweet.  So I'm offering up free Facebook Timeline covers...

To get one you must have had a session with Sharon Arnoldi Photography in the past (because the images used must be taken by me)

From a computer go to my store page: http://sharonsphoto.net/RedCart/index.php?sid=56

Add Facebook Timeline Cover to your cart and put in promo code "LOVE" ... please note that this also wipes out the minimum order fee so if you were thinking about purchasing something else now may be a good time ;) take advantage :)

At checkout you will have to choose one of the designs below, in the notes section of your cart, next to the item amount you can list specific images to be used or I can pick my favorites or if your gallery is expired I can reload it this week for you to pick.

Promo Code valid through Friday, Feb 14 (Valentines Day) after that Custom Facebook Templates cost $5 each.






Thanks! Hope you have a sweet week! 

Highlands Ranch Photographer | One Year Old Cake Smash | Emme

So excited to blog about Emme's cake smash! Isn't she just an adorable little thing! This little session was photographed in my home studio in Highlands Ranch (aka my living room)  Her mom found that gorgeous tutu and matching headband.  The YUMMY cake was provided by Janet from Piped Dreams. We definitely had to help miss Emme along as she was so dainty with her cake and she really didn't like it on her feet!