Sharon Arnoldi is a family photographer specializing in families with small kids  


Sneak Peek -- Kevin & Laura

I love the pics from Laura & Kevin's wedding last weekend -- here's a fun one of Laura, I just love the feel the sepia color adds to this, I hope she will love it too!


Artichokes, originally uploaded by sharonsphoto.com.

Another photo from the still life set -- this time just using artichokes.

Tomatoes and Artichokes

A healthy looking still life shot I took with the Sinar large format camera and Aptus leaf back.

The Gig -- in Idaho Springs

Mike & his band, Stark Raven, playing at Citizens Park in Idaho Springs last Saturday. More info on the band found here : http://www.myspace.com/starkravencolorado

New Gear... Test shot!

Playing with my new flash & pocket wizards. James wasn't too thrilled to model for this, oh well. The real set of pics will be taken tomorrow -- with James in a better mood hopefully.

Mmmmm Water!

Fountains are way more exciting to drink out of than a cup...

Eamonn Resting

Eamonn Resting, originally uploaded by sharonsphoto.com.


Keavy, originally uploaded by sharonsphoto.com.

A photo from the Keavy & Eamonn portrait session. Cute Doggies!

L-1 O-1 V-4 E-1

LOVE, spelled with scrabble letters. This is one of the photos taken for a wedding shoot in two weeks. He proposed with scrabble - so I'm taking a couple scrabble pics for their album. The second photo should probably say "LOVES" but red scrabble letters are hard to come by so I could only get LOVE.

Mount Bierstadt

14,060 ft - Mount Bierstadt: View from summit

MtBierstadt-5433, originally uploaded by sharonsphoto.com.

James and I hiked our very first 14er -- Mount Bierstadt (elevation: 14,060 ft) The hike was a grueling hike of 3 miles (one way), with a climb of 2,391 feet and it took us about 6 hrs round trip. This is a photo taken of the summit. I've posted the entire hike onto my flickr page: http://www.flickr.com/photos/sharonsphoto click on the Mount Bierstadt set to see them all!

Happy 4th of July America!

US Flag in Wooden Box, originally uploaded by sharonsphoto.com.

US Flag in Wooden Box taken in celebration of Independence Day!

Last Weekend

I went to my cousin-in-law's bridal shower i only snapped a total of 10 pics while i was there but this one was too cute not to post! I gave it an old antiqued look by adding some grain - I'm a sucker for black and white but the color one looks fine too.