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Highlands Ranch Photographer | Littleton Newborn Photographer | Oliver - 12 Days New

Just wanted to post Oliver's slideshow from his session two weeks ago, I'm a bit behind on edits from where I really wanted to be due to Thanksgiving so I won't do the full blog post since I'm editing on my laptop and I need to check everything on my color corrected monitor before I release the session... so I'm really close but probably won't be done until Sunday (right on schedule).

Anyways sweet Oliver slept so good during his session! I had the opportunity to use my new plane shelf to make a plane looking prop and the matching background and hat :) so cute, and this is no easy pose - Oliver rocked it! He's such a sweet laid back little guy.

Check out his slideshow.... and stay tuned for the updated blog post once I get everything perfect looking, you can register to view the photos by going here: http://sharonsphoto.net/RedCart/index.php?gnum=200 and you'll be the first to know they are up - Soon - I promise :)

Updated Post:

Check out my awesome plane set... I found this plane shelf - yes its a shelf that's meant to be hung on the wall (Super Cute for a boys room).  My husband was slightly jealous that it wasn't something for his office.  I bought a backdrop and knit hat to match and then put the shelf up against a crate I have and wuala! A plane!

Highlands Ranch Photographer | Denver Newborn Photographer | Odin - 14 Days

First of all Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you have the opportunity to spend it surrounded by friends and family. Just wanted to share this sweet little 14 day old :) So sweet, I think he looks alot like his daddy but in certain poses I do see lots of mom too.

Check out his sweet little slideshow and don't forget to add a comment on the blog.

 Clients, you are welcome to take images from the blog but you MUST keep the watermark visible to avoid copyright infringement.  Thanks for understanding, Sharon.

2013 Halloween Photos - Freebie

WOW! I am so excited to say that we had over 80 families participate this year!!! So fantastic and a huge part of that is due to the most fabulous mom's spa ever - Belly Up Spa who hosted these amazing little freebie photos for us this year!

If you missed out maybe we will see you next year? Be sure to follow us both on Facebook & you can join my email list here: Sharon's Email List

Facebook: Sharon Arnoldi Photography
Facebook: Belly Up Spa

About the session & why? This session is 100% free, no strings attached, nothing to buy later, just free - the digital file gets emailed to you afterwards and I've done it for a few years and had amazing results for my business... the positive energy & happiness that flows from this is just amazing, plus I LOVE to see all the cute kiddos in costume.  (P.S. that first pic is my sweet little butterfly) 

If you've never stepped inside Belly Up well you should because take a LOOK at this place!!! We used their Yoga Space and it was the perfect setup for a photo studio.

We are planning to do photos with Santa, while these will not be free, they will be very reasonably priced just covering our costs to run it... stay tuned for more details... I'm creating a very CUTE set for it. 

Thanks :)