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More Engagements

Another photo from Carrie & Jon's engagement session, we did three locations with three different sets of clothing! So FUN, and they can put the photos all over and they look like three separate shoots! This one is feeding my windmill addiction, I love them! I think they are whimsical. =)

Carrie & Jon - Engagements

A couple teasers after today's session! I love doing engagement portraits because you can't go wrong photographing two people in love.

James On Location

James On Location, originally uploaded by sharonsphoto.com.

We went location scouting for the portrait shoot tomorrow. I think we found a couple great spots, the building he's leaning on is a post office in Littleton.

Alissa & Geoff

The second portrait shoot from last weekend. I really love the location ones we did they are really awesome. Here's one of my favorites:

Cowdrey Family Session {SLIDESHOW}

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Hugging Onto Mom

Hugging Onto Mom, originally uploaded by sharonsphoto.com.

Another teaser, I've almost sorted through all the photos from Saturday's portrait shoot. Check back on Sunday for a slideshow link.

Cowdrey Family Session

Ayla starting to get a little more comfortable with the idea of photos.


Candid moments are the best, brother and sister hug!

Too Cute!!!

One of the "melt your heart" photos from the 10AM photoshoot today! I just couldn't wait to post this! Soo adorable, I can't wait to share the rest of the photos, they are so awesome! Thank you so much Brian & Season for letting me take your family photos!

Dan & Ashley

Thanks for letting me snap a couple quick pics of the two of you! James and I really enjoyed hanging out with ya'll at Jarrod's Wedding. Hopefully someday you'll let me do a real portrait shoot of the two of you!


Delicate Arch

Delicate Arch, originally uploaded by sharonsphoto.com.

From the Colorado to Phoenix tour we stopped at Arches National Park in Utah and spent a couple hours hiking to the arches.

Road Meets the Desert

Road Meets the Desert, originally uploaded by sharonsphoto.com.

Neat photo taken while driving south through Utah towards Arizona and the Grand Canyon. It's crazy how much the landscape changes we went from mountains to red rocks to tall trees to desert to mountains to cactus.

Cheers to Kevin & Laura!

Cheers!, originally uploaded by sharonsphoto.com.

It's official!

Laura & Kevin's slideshow has been posted... in record timing too! (Less than two weeks) The photos were just so gorgeous and I couldn't wait to share them!!!


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US Flag Reflections

US Flag Reflections, originally uploaded by sharonsphoto.com.

One of those projects that I just checked off my list! My head is swarming of them so it's nice to pull one off every once and a while.

Key Flash

Part of the reason I love being a photographer is that the work is always changing -- whether it be challenging light or a challenging subject. I took this photo today out on my walk. I used one flash to provide key lighting and the background is the cement. This little guy is also super cute!


String, originally uploaded by sharonsphoto.com.

It's funny to me how the most boring of things makes an interesting photograph. I was actually only using this string to test the lighting for my flag photo. I found it interesting enough to make the blog.