Sharon Arnoldi is a family photographer specializing in families with small kids  


Project: 3 Environmental Portraits

Larry & Holly volunteered for my recent project of three completely different environmental portraits taken in one evening.  The goal was to produce three final photos that look & feel completely different using the same people and taken all in 2-3 hrs (including clothing changes & driving between locations)

I arrived at 6:30PM to find out that their doggies had eaten an entire cantaloupe - core & all ! Pretty amazing and luckily not poisonous to dogs! After cleanup we headed off to the golf course for the first location.   

When we were headed back to the house for a clothing change - I just couldn't resist this shot - I LOVE silhouettes!!!  In case you can't tell - that is one of the most amazing things about Colorado - the sunsets over the mountains with the reds, yellows and blues =)

As you can tell it was getting dark and our next location is a field near there house - I had initially imagined it with the sun peaking from behind the mountains - but since we had a little surprise cleanup at the beginning we just didn't make it back in time.  So instead we had a nighttime picnic with the prairie dogs.  This is probably my favorite shot from the shoot - I used a battery pack with a strobe for my main light and a shutter speed of 6 seconds to get the nice ambient light.

That shot really inspires me to try some nighttime engagement photos - so if you know anyone up for this project that lives in Colorado - I'd love to try it out.

Last but not least - the most difficult photo of the shoot - Holly & Larry + Animal Kiddos

It worked out pretty well - what we learned is that Reverend (far left) is scared of the camera clicking noise.

Thanks Holly & Larry for making my project a success !!!