Sharon Arnoldi is a family photographer specializing in families with small kids  


Handmade Pottery Gifts by Season's Pottery

Client Spotlight: Season Cowdrey - Season's Pottery

I've been photographing the Cowdrey family since April 2008 - when I went over to take some pictures of Brian for his real estate business cards.  I was able to sneak a couple pics of his son Ashton but Ayla was out with mommy (old post here).  Brian ended up selling us the house we are living in now in May 2009.  I was lucky enough to shoot their twins both last year and this year.  They are so much fun too! (2010 blog post).

This year Season bought a kiln and started making some amazing pottery! She's started a facebook business page showing off her amazing creations and will soon start an Etsy business. When she posted these little cute mitten ornaments on Facebook I just had to get some. Here is a link to her facebook business page where you can pick up something for yourself.  Along with her goodies shown here she can make you just about anything custom.  Oh and she can make you or your little one a custom tea set - amazing.

"I make pottery. I love to create, to dream, to make things that make you feel at home, things that you love to use, to hold, to touch, to keep and pass on to your children. The everyday, ordinary objects that take you back to your childhood, or better yet will make the memories for your child's!" - Quoted on Season's Pottery Facebook Page

I am a firm believer in following your dreams and doing things you love!