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Shine 2011 @ Flatirons Community Church in Lafayette, CO

This was definitely the most rewarding photoshoot I've ever done.  I volunteered as one of many candid photographers at Shine this past weekend.  It was an amazing event and I'm blessed to have been a part of it this year.  The event was filled with so much love, joy and happiness; it was contagious and I smiled so much that my cheeks hurt the next day.  We did a live edit at the event so that all our images could be shown to guests on the big screens around the church, it was definitely a huge production and couldn't have been done without the amazing photographers volunteering to edit our images.

The guests walked in on a red carpet with paparazzi's & a cheering squad! There were games, sno-cones, cotton candy & popcorn.

Here are some photos from the event and the 2011 video recap.

2011 Shine Recap from Flatirons Community Church on Vimeo.

 The dancing was so much fun, I even danced around with my camera a bit...

My friend Corrie! =) 

All the photo editing: 
 One of the most amazing dance floors I've seen