Sharon Arnoldi is a family photographer specializing in families with small kids  


Highlands Ranch Product Photography

For those who haven't heard, I just graduated with a photography degree from The Art Institute of Colorado! One of the things they forced us to learn was to be able to shoot anything. So me as a portrait photographer, I had to learn how to shoot food & product and leave with at least an idea on how studio product photography would work. This is something that I kept mostly to myself and haven't shown too many people but I thought I'd share some of what I worked on. I've launched a new site to show some of it off because I've been told that its better than average, or maybe even some say great =) and I shouldn't be keeping it to myself. http://product.sharonsphoto.com

Here's a peek at what you will find:

 If you are looking for a Colorado product photographer for your business please let me know, I'd be happy to pull a quote together for you!