Sharon Arnoldi is a family photographer specializing in families with small kids  


A Day in Broomfield

On Tuesday, I drove up to visit Corrie & Rilynn in Broomfield.  We first started with some headshots for Corrie - she's another photographer and needed and updated one! Check out her site here: http://clb-photography.com/

Then we played with her flashes to try and sort out the problem she was having with some gear. We took silly photos of monkeys & miss Rilynn playing dress up.

After that I got invited to the park by miss Rilynn and I just couldn't turn that down.

Rilynn has the biggest imagination of anyone I know! This girl should write stories. We first watched her play. 

And then we participated in her adventures.  Here we are walking through the forest trying to be quiet to not wake up the lions. 

Here we are in the lions den - the snow is lion poo. =) 

Corrie & I got "stuck" and had to be rescued. 

Corrie pretended to be a lion & chased us back to the playground. 

 The scary lion had to fix a boo-boo

Then we got hot chocolate

The End.


Corrie Brockman said...

Um, ok, I'm in love with this story! :) Thank you SO very much for documenting this day, Sharon! I loved reading through. And thank you for playing right along with getting some fantastic storyline along the way. That was way fun. :) I'm left wanting more! MORE I say! hahahaha! You have such a talent and I'm so thankful for you sharing it. What a blast. We'll certainly have to do it again!!!