Sharon Arnoldi is a family photographer specializing in families with small kids  


Colorado Senior Photographer | Woodland Park High School | Class of 2012 Senior Photos

Bryan is graduating from Woodland Park high school in 2012! We started his senior photo session at Garden of the Gods then moved to old Colorado City for an urban setting. 

When I scoped out this location, in the alley behind the shops the commercial cleaners were blasting Taylor Swift songs, which I found pretty hilarious considering you could hear the employees singing along and they definitely weren't as good as Taylor Swift. By the time we got there no one was singing along but it was still funny... instead we were left with a nice clean linen smell.

 Bryan usually wears glasses, but I had him take them off for a few shots since they were the auto-tinting kind.  This guy has some amazing eyes, he should show them off more often.