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San Antonio Bed & Breakfast - Ruckman Haus

My good friend April and I traveled to San Antonio last weekend for a bridal and engagement shoot.  I flew into Houston, picked her up and we headed West! It has been a while since I had been to San Antonio and I was originally looking to book us a hotel on the Riverwalk since that was the one area I was familiar with.  After looking at hotels online and not finding anything great in our price range I decided to look at Bed & Breakfasts.  I scoured the internet reading all the reviews and ended up choosing the Ruckman Haus.  Without having any idea what area of San Antonio it was in, I decided to book it.

What a great choice! I mean, this was an amazing find! Such a gorgeous house and a very warm and welcome place to come relax.  The B&B is in a historic neighborhood in San Antonio and is very quiet.  There are restaurants and shops a couple blocks away. (2-3 minute drive) Prudence and Ron are very welcoming offering you beer and wine all day and providing you with an amazing place to stay with amazing food.

We stayed on the third floor, (the three windows at the very top of the house) and to our surprise it was not hot up there! We had our on AC unit to control and keep us cool, but it seemed like the room just stayed cool on its own.  I took a ton of photos because it was so pretty.  The garden was pristine both in the front and in the back with tons of flowers.  In Colorado, we are just starting to "green up" so I was excited to see all the flowers.

Check out the B&B Here: http://www.ruckmanhaus.com/

We stayed in the Highlands Room, which was up on the third floor.  The rest of the rooms were booked and the Highlands Room has two beds, a twin and a full size. 

Here's the bed I slept in.  I never photographed the other one because April was napping when I took these photos and I didn't want to disturb her =) 

The amazing bath tub... I could relax and stretch my feet all the way out, with room left! 

After our shoot we headed back to the B&B and by the time we stopped and picked up dinner it was late so I decided to do a couple night shots. 

The next morning Ron was working hard making everyone breakfast.  I didn't photograph my breakfast the day before because I was so hungry but it was amazing as well. 

I'm a bit bummed as I never got a shot of Prudence, she was always busy helping guests.  I caught this photo of Ron when he sat down to talk to guests.

The backyard, looking back towards the house

 Such an amazing stay.  I'll have to bring James back and take vacation next time!