Sharon Arnoldi is a family photographer specializing in families with small kids  


Bennett Portraits - Spring, TX

Here's a shoot from this summer that I wanted to share.  I shot it in Spring, TX when I had flown to Houston to visit my family and for my baby shower.  I'm seriously in love with this little girl, she is such a sweetie.  Mom and dad are lucky to have such a cute baby.  We dressed her up in Aggie apparel, something I don't get to photograph here in Colorado too often.  (I do have Aggie clients though!)  Gig'Em!

For my baby shower, we purchased these pinwheels and I thought it would be perfect to bring them to the session.  I love the way they turned out, just matches her bright little outfit perfectly. 

See all the photos here: http://pictage.com/1269984

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