Sharon Arnoldi is a family photographer specializing in families with small kids  


We're Dreaming of Summer | Highlands Ranch Photographer

I shot this at the beginning of March, just before one of the big snowstorms.  The weather was so nice here in Colorado and I just couldn't resist doing something beach themed. I do realize we are very far from the beach here in landlocked Colorado but that didn't stop me.  I ran around the house while my daughter was napping, trying to put some sort of color scheme together.  I had just purchased the blue paper parasol from hobby lobby for a themed summer shoot so I paired clothing and accessories with it.  It was really windy - something I didn't notice from inside my home so I had to anchor everything down with rocks and I used two small pinwheels to hold the large parasol in place.  

She LOVES photoshoots, she can be in the worst mood and the instant I bring out the camera she's interested and entertained.  She was so interested in the pinwheel so I stuck it in the ground so she couldn't pull it out and that kept her entertained for the shoot.  Her shorts & sunglasses came from Gymboree, her Shirt came from Children's Place and her headband came from Etsy - Chicabootique.  This shoot was done in Highlands Ranch, CO just in the park within my neighborhood. 

I lived in Texas and I grew up going to the beach as a kid.  I have so many fond memories of it so I cannot wait to take her.  I actually just can't wait until summer so we can enjoy the outdoors and go exploring.  We may not have the beach here in Colorado however we do have the mountains and gorgeous places to explore.