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Lone Tree Wedding Photography | Lone Tree Golf Club Wedding | Highlands Ranch Photographer | Matt + Sierra

Congratulation to Matt & Sierra!!! This gorgeous fall wedding was held at one of my favorite venues, Lone Tree Golf Club & Hotel.  Matt and Sierra are such a fun couple and I had a blast photographing their wedding... this was one of those weddings that I had been looking forward to all year long :)

View ALL their photos here: http://pictage.com/1417007

P.S. Don't forget to comment below on the blog, 15+ Comments and Matt & Sierra will get a super cute little photo gift :)

The first look, out on the patio. 

After the ceremony we went out on the golf course and just caught the tail end of the sunlight

We did a few silly photos too :)

The wedding party had something silly planned as well... Matt & Sierra had no idea :) I may have been in on it too :)

P.S. Don't forget to comment below on the blog, 15+ Comments and Matt & Sierra will get a super cute little photo gift :)

View ALL their photos here: http://pictage.com/1417007

Venue: Meredith Qualls - Lone Tree Golf Club & Hotel
Wedding Coordinator / Planner: Brynn Swanson - Save The Date Events
Cake Artist: Child's Pastry Shop
Officiant: Michael Kilgore
Musicians: A Touch of Class
DJ: A Music Plus
Gown Boutique: David's Bridal
Hair Stylist: E Blackstone - Aveda Salon


Matt Erickson said...

Sharon, these look great. Thank you for helping us preserve these memories.

jeremy gerber said...

Excellent Photos Congrats guys

Sierra Erickson said...

These look so fabulous!! Thank you for helping us preserve such a special day!

Eric Anderson said...

Sharon, you have a wonderful eye -- you captured the magic of that day really well!

Lauren Erickson said...

Congratulations Sierra and Matthew! Great pictures!

Wenderina said...

The photos are lovely! As are the happy couple.

Alana said...

Such an insightful pictorial of a truly lovely wedding! My favorite shot is the B&W on the golf course.
Congratulations, Sierra and Hubbie Matt.


christie said...

I am so glad I got to be a part of this special day. The pictures look amazing I will be such good memories to look back on for years to come!! I love that everyone got a chance to be alittle silly too!

Brad Fosser said...

Beautifully done. Can't wait to see the rest!

Pam said...

What a wonderful day it was...love the photos! Can't wait to see all of them!

Meredith Qualls said...

These are beautiful photos of two great people and although I'm biased, the venue looks fabulous.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Day - and Bride! Thanks for sharing!

All things Dogs said...

Wow - just, Wow! These are THE most magical wedding photos! So happy that I could be a part of it all!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Photos! Can't wait to see the rest of them!
-Marice Erickson

Donna Vaher said...

What a beautiful wedding and the photos are excellent. I am so happy for you both.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing. I adore the pictures and you looked magnificent. Your photographer captured the joy of the day for you and your husband.

Cheers to a long joyous marriage!


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