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Highlands Ranch Photographer | Littleton Newborn Photographer | Oliver - 12 Days New

Just wanted to post Oliver's slideshow from his session two weeks ago, I'm a bit behind on edits from where I really wanted to be due to Thanksgiving so I won't do the full blog post since I'm editing on my laptop and I need to check everything on my color corrected monitor before I release the session... so I'm really close but probably won't be done until Sunday (right on schedule).

Anyways sweet Oliver slept so good during his session! I had the opportunity to use my new plane shelf to make a plane looking prop and the matching background and hat :) so cute, and this is no easy pose - Oliver rocked it! He's such a sweet laid back little guy.

Check out his slideshow.... and stay tuned for the updated blog post once I get everything perfect looking, you can register to view the photos by going here: http://sharonsphoto.net/RedCart/index.php?gnum=200 and you'll be the first to know they are up - Soon - I promise :)

Updated Post:

Check out my awesome plane set... I found this plane shelf - yes its a shelf that's meant to be hung on the wall (Super Cute for a boys room).  My husband was slightly jealous that it wasn't something for his office.  I bought a backdrop and knit hat to match and then put the shelf up against a crate I have and wuala! A plane!