Sharon Arnoldi is a family photographer specializing in families with small kids  


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I just wanted to spend a second and introduce two new faces at Sharon Arnoldi Photography, but first I just wanted to say its been a hard, amazing journey to even make it to this point and its humbling that you continue to choose me to be YOUR photographer over and over again.  THANK YOU! I couldn't do it without my clients!

Jakki Warrick
Studio Manager

Notes From Sharon: 
Reaching out to Jakki and realizing I needed help was the hardest thing I think I've done yet with my business.  First I had to accept that staying up all hours of the night and working all day wasn't normal.  Elise was getting frustrated at me and taking nearly 4 business days to get back to a new lead or any of my clients was NOT working for anyone.  I built this business from the ground up and its literally my baby... second to my real baby :) of course.  I interviewed Jakki... she came dressed up all nice and I was probably still in my PJ's and toys were all over the living room, hair a mess, still trying to inhale as much caffeine as possible... P.S. Jakki & Bryan are one of my past wedding clients :) And she's a mom too so she gets it! I hired her on the spot and then we started training.  It will take a while to download everything in my brain into a sort of working formula for both of us but we are getting the hang of it.  It's amazing knowing that someone is out there working just for my clients and keeping me on my toes.  I expect our response and workflows to speed up as time goes on.

Notes From Jakki: 
As a writer who dabbled in the magazine industry, and an artist at heart, I’m constantly on the search for new adventures. Lucky for me, I live a life with extraordinary danger. As does any mother with a son who is a cupcake-eating, superhero fanatic. Despite being half my size, my little-big guy is going into kindergarten this year. He is also the perfect little mini-me of my husband. When I’m not trying to save the universe, you can find me glued to a computer, creating characters for my wanna-be future New York Times bestseller. For those who are wondering, it’s currently still being written.

Alejandra Gandara-Watkins
Blog Designer & Coordinater

Notes From Sharon:
Alejandra is one of my baby plan clients and by the time I reached out on my facebook page about needing help with my blog it had been 2 months since I last even looked at my blog... not sure how much longer than that since I actually wrote & blogged a session.  When Alejandra took over my blog there was a huge backlog of things to post... I think we are finally caught up now and still going strong with one post a day, Monday - Friday.  She's amazing be sure to show some love on the blog posts... she gets to choose which images to post from the session, collages them and takes my session notes and turns them into a cohesive blog post, then shares them on Facebook!

Notes From Alejandra: 
I first became familiar with Sharon Arnoldi Photography at an event called Bumps and Babies held at Sky Ridge Hospital. Sharon had a vendor booth set up at the event. I at the time was pregnant with my second child and stopped by her booth and looked at the pictures Sharon had done in the past. After speaking to Sharon and looking at her past work, I knew I wanted to have Sharon Arnoldi Photography as our family photographer. I was very happy with the maternity and newborn sessions taken as part of our baby plan.  A few months later Sharon was looking for a blog designer and I jumped at the opportunity. I remember how excited I was to view each blog of my sessions and was excited to do that for other families. I take great pride and dedication at designing each blog so that the families and all of Sharon Arnoldi Photography fans can enjoy.