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Behind The Scenes.... Valentines Mini Sessions | Highlands Ranch Photographer | Personal Post

I had to take my daughter to work with me on Monday all day for our Valentine Mini Sessions. I don't normally bring her to such long events like this but I was out of options.  I booked them on a Monday and normally she would go to a friends house but everyone had the flu over there so that wasn't an option and my husband was working and couldn't take the day off... to make matters worse I scheduled a full day with no breaks so had I planned better I could have taken her to drop in child care for at least part of the day.

We made the best of it and knowingly walking into a situation with a 2 year old stuck in the studio all day without a break and without a nap was going to be rough we planned accordingly... ipad check, toys check, snacks check, milk check, extra clothes, diapers, wipes, etc etc etc... BACKUP CAMERA CHECK....

She does like to do what mommy does so I packed my backup Canon 5D Mark II with the fisheye lens on it... what did she capture... check them out below:

She's pretty good for her age as she seems to actually frame a few things nicely (I didn't edit a single thing) Once she got the camera stuck on shutter priority and it was shooting all dark images she brought it to me and told me it was "broken" so I fixed it for her and she went on her way shooting happily.

Here's my take on the mini's.... note her in the corner sitting on her stool out of my shooting path taking photos too :)

In her dress at the end 

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Tula Cain....Making It Up said...

I am amazed! Elise took some great shots. Jeff and I enjoyed seeing her day's work and we see she is watching and learning from you all the time! Your kissing booth is very cute. Someday, before we get too old and wrinkled, maybe Elise can come do a shoot for us!
Have great mini's with lots of little valentines memories little ones can send far and wide to those they love!!