Sharon Arnoldi is a family photographer specializing in families with small kids  


Photographer's Child Syndrome

I swear that is a real thing.... Photographer's Child Syndrome... Photographers out there please tell me that's a thing right???

I'm pretty sure this girl has it.  She is super smart, sassy, opinionated, outspoken and extremely stubborn all in one 2 year old (almost 3 yr old) little package.

FLASHBACK - July 2014

Last year at around this same time we went out and photographed a peek for "back to school minis" which are coming up in August.  At that time she was 22 months old and crazy easy compared to today.  She held my hand and walked beside me as I carried the props, it took 2 trips.  She held my hand the entire time like a sweet little innocent one.  I took her day clothes off and switched to the Matilda Jane Platinum size 4 top I had scored during a secret release for her to wear as a dress.  She was content with the situation and sat peacefully in the chair.  Now I had to work it for a smile but she was relatively easy & happy to participate.

TODAY - July 2015

The story this time was much different this year.  The location is in Highlands Ranch at Northridge park which is across the street from a big playground so instantly she saw it and started screaming and whining to go play.  Once I had thought I talked her out of that, I had to carry this desk a little ways to the same spot.... with the crazy rain you can see that everything is still green.  There is only a sprinkling of fall color in the same location.  Instead of holding hands it was more me begging her to follow me while my hands were full with things.  She pretended to listen for a second and then didn't follow...she darted for the playground and I had to drop everything and go pick her up kicking and screaming then sort of work her over to the shooting location.  Once the desk was in place she sat OK but would NOT look at me.... Yuck she's THAT kid that hard one who will not engage.  Eventually I tricked her to look and we got something then quickly left.

So if you think your kid is difficult to photograph I promise mine is worse.  It's always worth it in the end and it's always CRAZY to see how much they change year to year. 

P.S. She's wearing the same outfit in the same set at the same Highlands Ranch location :)