Sharon Arnoldi is a family photographer specializing in families with small kids  


Pumpkin Painting

The street we live on in Highlands Ranch is amazing.  We have a 4th of July party, a Christmas hay ride, pre-trick or treating dinner,
and this year we are super excited to add a new event....
pumpkin painting!

It was great!  We gathered up our paints, bought a bunch of inexpensive paint brushes, and had kiddos BYOP...
Bring Your Own Pumpkin!
It was super fun to paint, snack on popcorn, and just watch the kids run around playing and laughing together!
 And the really funny thing was how quiet it got when everyone started concentrating on painting their pumpkin(s).  It was serious business.
 Yay for new fall traditions with friends and neighbors!
We absolutely LOVE this time of year!