Sharon Arnoldi is a family photographer specializing in families with small kids  


Highlands Ranch Photographer | Black & White Images

I just wanted to take a moment to chat about black and white images... I love black and white and there are definitely some images that look gorgeous in black and white and I have noticed a lot of my clients opt for the color digital versions of certain images even though the black & white is prettier for some of the images.  A few have told me that if they want it in black and white then they can just do that themselves and I just wanted to show that I definitely don't just push a button to make the image black and white, everything is hand toned.

So first.... a SOOC (straight out of the camera) I try to make everything as perfect as possible so that I spend less time on the computer editing.  Each week I am editing and working on 4-5 sessions and the closer to perfect the less time it takes me to turn them around.

SOOC (Straight Out Of The Camera)


So as you can see this image didn't need a lot :)

Black & White Hand Toned

Black & White "Button Push"

I do have my web proofing software setup to "preview" black and white... but that is only to save me time so I don't have to hand tone each image for you to just see... If you are to order and image with a black and white preview I will then hand tone it before I send it off to the lab for printing or before you receive the full resolution digital file.  I do however hand-tone the ones that I think should be in black and white and put them in your gallery.  

So which would you rather have?