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Cows Gone Coconut - A Photo Story

Lindsay Karson started her gluten free cookie business, Greater Good Foods, LLC, in 2008 after struggling with her own dietary challenges the previous year.  In 2007, Karson found out she was allergic to gluten and also lactose intolerant.  These dietary challenges led her to explore other ways to make her favorite foods without using items she was allergic to.  Even with the success of her gluten free baking company, Karson was left wanting dairy free ice cream.  After successfully creating a tasty non-dairy ice cream using coconut milk, in 2010 she registered Over The Moo, a company dedicated to producing dairy free frozen desserts.  In 2011 she changed her business name to Cows Gone Coconut so she could trademark the name.

Karson currently sells her ice cream at the Denver Urban Homestead farmers market, Marczyks Grocery in Denver and is expanding to Lucky’s Grocery in Boulder.  The recipes are all hand crafted with most of the ingredients being organic and sweetened only with agave, coconut sugar and Colorado honey.  Karson mixes, dips, packages and delivers each and every pint by hand.