Sharon Arnoldi is a family photographer specializing in families with small kids  


Vacation - Prosper, TX

I'm on vacation this week in Texas at my parents house.  I came to bring my two little doggies here for their three month summer vacation while we are in Germany in May.   We decided that we'd rather not board them for the three weeks we are gone - so my parents offered to take them - only downside is that we had to drive them down to Texas and will be dogless for April & June.   They will have lots of land to run and play and even people to crawl in bed with.

My parents just got a puppy a week before I showed up so they will be living in the dog house with 4 dogs.  I'm going to see If I can get a photo of all four dogs together before I head out.

I had to wear out little miss Mattie in order to get her to sit still for photos.  We are trying to teach her to sit still in your lap but she's like a little alligator and her mouth is open just looking for anything to chew on.

Mattie adores her big brother Jake and he is in love with her even if it means getting chewed on.