Sharon Arnoldi is a family photographer specializing in families with small kids  


Highlands Ranch Family Photographer | Lair O' The Bear Park | Lynch Family

This session was part of my 2011 fall family mini sessions! This was a 45 minute session and we held it at Lair O' The Bear Park in Morrison, CO. 

This family used to live on my street and they had  the opposite address as me so we'd frequently be swapping mail or sending people to the other house.  They've since moved on to a bigger house further up in the neighborhood like most of my neighbors have in the past year or two.  They have 3 beautiful girlies, all of which are super sweet.  

This shoot is always a challenge, three little girls, 2 dogs and 2 parents - its just a lot of coordinating and its not usually the parents that are difficult =) but we manage to make it happen every year.  Now this shoot is not a walk in the park, sometimes pretty hilarious at times but I like it and look forward to it every year because life isn't as exciting without a challenge.  I love dogs, and have two of my own that we include in our family photos because they are our furry children and it wouldn't be a full family portrait to leave them out. 

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Lyndi said...

Great pics of the Lynch family yet again Sharon :)

Anonymous said...

Penny, Love all the great pictures!

Kate said...

Beautiful photos of a super sweet family! Great work, Sharon!

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Mom of 2 Boys said...

Love these! Thanks for sharing them!

Marie said...

Beautiful pictures of a wonderful family!