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Black Bear Golf Club Wedding | Highlands Ranch Photographer | Wedding in Parker

I am so happy that Tricia and Greg chose me to photograph their wedding.  The connection between the two of them is amazing.  Tricia is so beautiful and she has the best smile, its one of those smiles that is contagious, just draws you in and you will be smiling as well.  The wedding was held in Parker, CO at Parker Evangelical Presbyterian Church with the reception at Black Bear Golf Club.

Check out their engagement session at Garden of The Gods in Colorado Springs. 

Once we arrived at the church, Tricia hurried to put on the final touches, I set up my lights for the family formal photos and everyone scrambled around getting everything set just perfect.  It wasn't until 5 minutes before the ceremony started that someone realized they left the rings at Black Bear Golf Club.  Everyone went into panic mode.  The wedding wasn't going to start if we didn't have the rings, Tricia looked at me and said "can you go back and get them?" so I left my assistant in charge and hopped in my car and went back to Black Bear.  I had photographed the rings earlier, but had given them back to the maid of honor who was going to bring them so I really had no idea where they were, but I found them! Phew... I was really afraid they'd start the ceremony without me and I'd miss walking down the aisle photos.  I kept thinking why send the main photographer off to get the rings but then I realized - it was because they trusted me.  They knew that I would just get the rings and run right back, I wouldn't stop to chat or dilly around. I was the best choice. So then I felt honored.  (My assistant had ridden with me since the church and Black Bear were only 5 min apart).

Congrats to Tricia & Greg! 

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