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Spring Fashion | Highlands Ranch Photographer

"What should we wear for our photos?" That is the biggest question I get as we approach Spring family portraits. If you are wondering what to wear there are a few main guidelines you can follow. 

Avoid white as a main color. White is great for photos on the beach and in the snow, but it provides a little too much contrast for spring in our Colorado mountains. Limit white to accessories instead of for a solid shirt or dress. 

Another good idea is to keep your family in one main color palette. You don't have to wear the same color shirt and jeans, but stick to a color group – like all pastels. There are some examples of sticking to a color group below. 

If your shirt has a large logo or letters that will be the first thing your eye goes to. A logo smaller than a business card should be okay, but avoid it if possible. Patterns on the other hand can add a nice texture and variety. One pattern, or two that compliment each other works best.

Shopping for an outfit for everyone can get overwhelming. If you already know of one outfit you have and like, use that as a base to pick the rest of the family's outfits. Then you have at least one less outfit to buy, and it's easier to chose the rest. The most important thing is to pick outfits that reflect your family and interests. Then your pictures will be the most meaningful to you.

If you want to see more ideas visit my Pinterest Board.

I can't wait to see you for family portraits. Whatever you choose to wear, you will have wonderful memories to display.