Sharon Arnoldi is a family photographer specializing in families with small kids  


Wedding in Denver | Good Shepherd Catholic Church & Vita Restaurant | Laura and Jay | Highland's Ranch Photographer

Laura and Jay seem to have a gift for getting good weather. We lucked out on their engagement session and wedding. If I could have ordered the weather for this wedding it couldn't have been better. It was a high of 7 degrees the week before, but it was 50's the day of the wedding. It felt great for a January celebration. 

To see Laura and Jay's engagement session at Riverfront Park click here.

Laura and Jay rented an amazing car to take them from the church to the restaurant. We made a photo stop along the way at Congress Park for a few fun formal photos.  The ground was dry so we decided to sit, when we stood up Jay had grass all over him - the driver had to use a towel and water to get it off - it just stuck everywhere.  None stuck to the dress though. :)

The reception was in Vita Restaurant. The whole restaurant was reserved for the party and was decorated with Jay & Laura's purple and ivory theme. The purple orchids were so beautiful. 

Instead of a traditional cake Laura & Jay had different flavored cupcakes. At the last minute they decided not to cut theirs - they were having so much fun partying with friends & family that they didn't want to stop the momentum.


For the first dance one of their friends sang their song while another friend played the guitar.

Congratulations Laura and Jay!