Sharon Arnoldi is a family photographer specializing in families with small kids  


Highlands Ranch Photographer | Fly'n B Park | 6 Month Session

Sweet baby Jena starting to grow up really fast.... I feel like it was just yesterday that I photographed her as a newborn... She is one of my baby plan clients and she came in at 3 months as well... but the 6 month session is so different just because when they sit they start becoming more than just a little baby and you start to see some of their personality.

We scheduled the shoot for the warmest day of the week except it was the day of daylight savings time and we scheduled for morning so it was still cold... brrrr... with snow on the ground.

The session we held was at Fly'n B Park in Highlands Ranch... one of my absolute favorite spots!

It got really windy and so to hide from the wind there generally is a bike tunnel to go into except the wind was blowing just that direction and it was extra windy in there so instead I had Jena's dad take everything out of the back of their SUV... I grabbed some faux fur from in my car (yes I just drive around with props in there) and we put together a makeshift set out of the wind, with the heater on full blast to just finish up our session :)