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I can't believe she's 3 now! - Personal Post!

Happy Birthday Elise!

I hear parents claim all the time I can't believe he/she is X age now.... well honestly I can't believe we've hit 3 years old already!  This spunky, busy, stubborn, outspoken little girl is 3!

She is my mini me in lots of ways, she watches and learns very quick,

1) she has to have her morning "coffee" aka milk

2) she pays attention to small little random details everywhere we go

3) home depot & starbucks are two of her favorite places

4) she has dance parties in the living room and LOVES music, her favorite song right now is "honey bridge" you know like 'london bridge' but she modified the lyrics

5) she likes Canon camera's and a 5D MKII is her camera, (she takes pretty good photos)

6) she is excellent at directing people and telling everyone what to do

Awww how I love this girl! She is my world.