Sharon Arnoldi is a family photographer specializing in families with small kids  


Our Thanksgiving!

Just wanted to give you a peek into our little family Thanksgiving :) via my phone photos & a crazy cute video of my daughter finishing up our puzzle!

First of all, I am crazy thankful for my family, our health and happiness; thankful for Chance and all her hard hard hard work! I couldn't do it without her! Thankful for all of our clients, supporters and of course friends who've helped me out along the way.

This was our first Thanksgiving without company or without travel, and it was an exciting adventure to cook everything ourselves.  I was in charge of shopping for all the ingredients, Gingerbread cookies, green beans and pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.  My husband did just about everything else, and yes he is amazing! 

I'm pretty sure we stayed in our PJs all day.  I cheated and did a couple hours of work on Thursday morning while drinking my coffee but after that was over, I didn't look at my computer again until night time. (I can't help it I have about a thousand sticky notes of "to do" before I head to Texas) 

These are from my phone... but I still love them they are us and we were proud of all our efforts! 

bunnies.... whatever it takes to keep her entertained....

SNOW! well a little bit!

And last but not least the crazy cute video of my 3 year old finishing our puzzle