Sharon Arnoldi is a family photographer specializing in families with small kids  


What To Wear For Snowy Family Photo Sessions

Snowy family photos are always fun, but deciding what everyone should wear can sometimes be tricky...so we put together some great color palettes and tips to help you with your snowy photos!

Red, Black, Gray & White are really pretty together and have a great rustic feel for winter photos.  We are thoroughly in love with red & black plaid this season!  It just gets us in the holiday spirit!  Red is always a super pretty pop of color...especially in a field of Evergreens.  Very festive!
Cool blues are also beautiful for snowy photos-think icy, wintery.  Blue is the perfect shade to compliment a glistening snowfall.

Pops of bright colors are always fun in the snow!  We love color, and the neutral white background of snow gives you the perfect opportunity to show some fun color! Pick brightly colored scarves and accessories to spice up your photos!

Winter Neutrals like shades of subtle grays & creams are amazing in the snow too, and can be really classy!
Lastly, don't forget your fun winter accessories: fur hats, winter coats, knit hats, and scarves!!!  They are super festive and add dimension to your photos!