Sharon Arnoldi is a family photographer specializing in families with small kids  


Borie Family Portrait at Red Rocks Park

Second shoot ever at Red Rocks.  The Borie's live directly across the street from me and I have yet to do their photos until now.  They are friends with another photographer and are really happy with their images so I didn't expect to be asked to shoot them but this year they asked me.  This makes me really happy - not because I am stealing clients from other photographers but because it proves that I am capturing something special for each family and putting my personal creative style into it.  I am creating something different, that you can't get from just any photographer.

One thing I have to say about my images is that they have great color.  I see the world as a bright vibrant, fun place - so I make sure that my photos show that.  Lately I've been developing an action, which I call the Anthro look - to look like it came out of an Anthropologie Catalog - which I am completely in love with their clothes and catalog.  Their October catalog had split toning on almost all the images, with yellow as the highlight and blue as the dark values - its still a work in progress and I've decided that I have to shoot the images to fit into it instead of just trying to apply it to any old image.