Sharon Arnoldi is a family photographer specializing in families with small kids  


Lynch Family Portraits at DeKoevend Park

DeKoevend Park is my go to park, when all else fails - DeKoevend is there to save me.  The park is located on University drive just north of Arapahoe and the park is huge! So with that said, come shoot here! You will LOVE it just like me.

These were done Late Late Late fall - in fact I didn't expect the park to have any leaves left.  Just like always DeKoevend came through for me.  In the spring this area of the park is not accessible because its the creek bed and it has water in it or mud,  In the fall & winter its just sandy and full of leaves (yellow ones).

Lucy & Linus joined us for the shoot and I have to say if you bring your dogs just be ready for even more fun and excitement.  I am definitely a dog person so I love working with them, so seriously bring them =)


Penny said...

Love these pics! Thanks Sharon for doing such a great job with our little family!!!